Welcome to the Official Website of Film Peace No War, We Hope you watch the Film and Join Us For Peace by becoming Members of www.HappyLoveForPeace.com, Join our Universal Call for Peace No War

     This movie is a short musical drama 14 minutes, based on Song: “Peace No War”. This song was published in world music album CD, “Love For Peace”, Dec. 2007. www.VictoriaWorldMusic.com

     I dedicate this film to all parents, mothers and fathers who lost their sons to war, or to any act of violence or killing, anywhere in the World; on behalf of all mothers who stood at the White House grieving and seeking to end war in Iraq; and to souls of all martyrs, soldiers and heroes; and as a Lebanese to all martyrs of Cedar’s Revolution, and to the March 14th martyrs, especially to the soul of our beloved leader Sheikh Rafic Hariri who was assassinated on Valentines Love Day Feb. 14, 2005.

     A racing message at this crucial time when many innocent people are killed & the world is threatened by more wars to evolve.  Join us and cast your vote for peace. The film portrays the horrible affects of war on those left behind especially the parents, and how they should unite together to promote change for peace to save our children.

The Film was selected by five international film festivals 2010.